smart tags

What are Smart Tags?

Interactivity is everywhere. According to the National Association of Realtors, among buyers who used the internet during their home search, 89% of buyers found photos, and 85 % found detailed information about properties for sale very useful. Therefore, home buyers are hungry for additional tidbits such countertop materials, kitchen cabinets, appliances’ make and model, etc.

Three Sixty Pro Tags allow internet browsers to hover over an image and discover pop-ups that contain additional information. Hover over the samples below and learn more about the properties.


How does it work?

You can send us the image you want tagged, or we can tag your other orders: 2D Floor Plans,  3D Floor Plans, or  Virtual Staging. The content in tags can be a photograph (we need those from you), text, or a link.

For a 2D Floor Plan we can add interior photos and use a camera tag that points to the direction of the photo. That’s a great way for home buyers to visualize how the room looks like from different angles. If the house has not been built yet, or is undergoing a renovation it’s a good idea to tag other content: Breathtaking scenic views from windows, wall and floor material choices, HVAC or electricity related hotspots, etc.

For a 3D Floor Plan and 3D photos we can add text, links and pictures of kitchen cabinet and countertop materials, floor and wall materials, etc. Why not tag the 3D photo in its right place on the 3D Floor Plan. It’s like looking at photos of a room that does not exist yet.

For a Virtual Staging photograph we could tag things you can (almost) see from the window such as nearby services, schools, or public transportation related data.

The tagged image is delivered to you as an embed code. Paste the code to your website and allow people to experience the joy of discovery. Once the interactive image is live on your website people can share it in social media to gain additional traffic to your site.