plans Overview

We offer three plans to our clients. They range from a simple integration with Google Street View to the most comprehensive Total social media plan. All plans can be tailored for your business model. Please contact us to arrange a meeting where we can discover your needs.

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We are Google Street View Trusted photographers, and as such have met Google's criteria for publishing photographs to Google Street View. More and more people use google and especially google maps to find businesses. Augmented reality is playing a larger role in attracting clients. Clients are able to visit your business on their mobile devices and see the inside of your business. This entry level plan consists of the following:

  • 3D Photography of your business, from the street into your business.
  • 3D photography of the inside of your business.
  • Posting the linked images to Google maps.
  • Ensuring that the images are linked to your Google My Business prfile.


Plan II includes Plan I plus additional features. We create a full 3D Augmented Reality immersive space marketing model using advanced technology.

  • An 3D walkthrough of your business including virtual reality capability.
  • An interactive Doll house.
  • 4K photographs and 3D images.
  • Teaser videos.
  • Markup tags in the model with the ability to link to other rich media. (Photographs, Documents, web pages, YouTube, audio)
  • Floor plans.
  • Point cloud creation for CAD.
  • All viewable on desktop, mobile and virtual reality.


Plan III includes Plans I& II, plus additional features.

  • Total social media management. We create media for Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Google+,YouTube,Linkedin and Pinterest and other social media industry dependent.
  • Media consists of photography and video, normal and in 360 format.
  • All media is current, creative and useful. The frequency and volume are determined by your clients interactions with the media.
  • Metrics are provided monthly.
  • Two additional scans a year are included.