About Us

Some of our International Google Friends from the Google Street View Conference 2019

We are a multi-talented agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio with International reach. We have had our finger on everything Google since 2007.

About me

I was born in South Africa and spent much of my youth in the mountains and oceans of the Cape of Good Hope. I moved to the USA with my wife Christine in 2002. I have had a varied career which has exposed me to a number of situations and experiences. I have worked with NASA, been a Paramedic,a Police Officer and an Anti Poaching Unit ranger. I have always been a nature and animal lover. I have operated and served on K9 Search and Rescue teams over the years. I have always had a soft spot for Google and photography and I am happy to be fully involved with both now. 

I am easy going, not terribly serious about myself but serious about process.